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Our Mission: Kurn Hattin Homes transforms the lives of children and their families forever

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You are about to discover a remarkable place. Kurn Hattin is the fulfillment of one man's dream dating back to the late 1800's

Today our mission and committment to provide services to children and families is as strong as when the initial seeds were planted. Our legacy of splendid facilities, a devoted staff, and financial strength bear testimony to the wisdom, vision and generosity of those before us
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Kurn Hattin: A Home for Children

Kurn Hattin’s 280-acre campus offers ample space for exercise with playing fields, an outdoor pool, horse arena, gymnasium, hiking trails, and expansive lawns for pick-up games. Children are encouraged to participate in a variety of competitive and intramural sports and to take advantage of the many opportunities to try new, enjoyable activities. The horseback riding program, for instance, offers students a unique chance to learn about themselves and their interactions with others through caring for and connecting with the animals. Through participation in these activities, students gain leadership and teamwork skills, self-discipline, and a sense of collective responsibility.

Every day, the Kurn Hattin cafeteria provides three delicious, balanced meals that include a variety of healthy, wholesome food choices, often featuring items from Kurn Hattin’s own farm, cultivated and harvested by the children themselves.

To schedule a tour of the campus, please contact Indira Singh in the Development Office.

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