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SINCE 1894

Since 1894, Kurn Hattin has helped thousands of children and their families by offering a safe home and quality education in a nurturing environment.

2018 Annual Report

Making All of this possible

Recently I spent time with a family and their first, newborn child. Listening to the light-hearted bantering exchange between mother and child and watching the attention and care the parents showered on the infant made me very aware of how deeply the baby was cared for and how dependent it was on that care from its parents. My wife’s observation to our children at the time was that in the midst of all of that love and care was the realization that each of us was loved and cared for that intensely by our parents and families. It was a wonderful thought for our children to imagine, not only for themselves but also for virtually everyone they met–at some point in each person’s life, she or he was the recipient of deep love and care and depended entirely on others for life itself.

That thought extends to all of us throughout other aspects of our lives and especially here at New England Kurn Hattin Homes for Children. In our life together at the Homes, we are often dependent on one another to accomplish our daily work. Certainly, when it comes to funding our overall operations, we are exceedingly dependent on the graciousness and generosity of our donors in order to carry on our mission of transforming the lives of children and their families forever.

Every year we rely on charitable giving and income from that charitable giving for around 95% of our operating budget. Kurn Hattin does not derive substantial funding from annual tuition like other independent schools; most of our families are not able to pay any tuition in order for their children to attend. While we do appreciate our reserved funds (endowment), which are composed of charitable contributions from throughout our history, they do not provide nearly enough income to fund annual operations. Therefore, we must rely on the love and care of those who have the ability and desire to cherish us, just like a newborn baby relies on its parents for sustenance. Your gift makes our work possible!

I want to express our deep, deep gratitude for each one of you who contributes to the fulfillment of our mission. Because of you, each of you, we continue to transform children’s lives–one gift at a time and one child at a time. Because of you a child feels safe at night–every night–in our well-appointed cottages. Because of you a child enjoys consistent (three meals a day and snacks), fresh, healthy, and delicious food (much of it from our own fields)–perhaps for the first time in her or his life. Because of you a child can learn in the classroom at a rate that meets his or her individual needs from teachers who truly care about the child. Because of you a child can play on the playground or on an organized team, enjoying the thrill of play as a child should. Because of you a child can learn to sing, to play an instrument, to read for a lifetime of adventure, to paint and create art, to practice civility and social skills, to enjoy the blessing of the outdoors, and to become the well-rounded person of promise she or he was meant to be! All of this is possible at Kurn Hattin for our children– BECAUSE OF YOU! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Stephen B. Harrison, Executive Directors

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