Editor: Kim Fine, Assistant Editor: Heather Longe.

On the Cover: Eighth grader Kaylee Cherbonneau finds a heart-shaped leaf during an outdoor classroom English project.

Photo Credit: Kristie Lisai

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Kurn Hattin Homes for Children has a new look! Unveiled at the 118th Annual Meeting of the Corporation in October, the newly designed Kurn Hattin bridge logo is part of a comprehensive awareness initiative aimed at increasing public awareness of Kurn Hattin Homes for Children and its 120-year-old mission, and promoting understanding of the children and families it serves. The image of a child and an adult walking together across a bridge was selected based on feedback and input from both internal and external focus groups. “The bridge communicates the support and guidance Kurn Hattin Homes provides for children as they make the transition to a brighter future,” explained Co-Executive Director Connie Sanderson. “It’s a transformative experience for them, and Kurn Hattin provides a safe, sure path.” The awareness initiative also features the call to action, “Join Their Journey,” and the Kurn Hattin website features new video interviews of recent graduates sharing the stories of their own personal journeys and transformation through their time at Kurn Hattin. We invite you to visit the Kurn Hattin Homes for Children website at www.kurnhattin.org to hear these courageous children and their incredibly moving stories. It is also Kurn Hattin’s 120th Anniversary. See our special Anniversary logo on the back cover.