Pg. 3 CAD Award George NostrandKurn Hattin Makes Posthumous Award to George W. Nostrand

The Charles Albert Dickinson Award, established in 2013, is given annually in recognition of an organization or individual whose philanthropic commitment embodies the mission of New England Kurn Hattin Homes for Children. Named for founder Reverend Charles Albert Dickinson, the award recognizes those who make a significant contribution to the field of child welfare and help to transform the lives of children and families forever. A beautiful cast crystal relief sculpture honoring the award recipient features an image of Reverend Dickinson. The sculpture was designed and created by Vermont artist, Robert DuGrenier.

This year, the Charles Albert Dickinson Award was given posthumously to George W. Nostrand for his unwavering dedication to Kurn Hattin. George was an Incorporator in 1990 until 2016, a Trustee in 1993 until 2011, and Vice President of the Board from 2000-2008 (and ex-officio until 2016)–overall he served Kurn Hattin for 26 years. During this period, George offered his services for over 20 years as Kurn Hattin’s Corporate Attorney, essentially pro-bono, only asking for a bottle of the Homes’ maple syrup in return for his attention to our affairs. In addition to his love for children at Kurn Hattin, George spread his goodwill toward children broadly in the region, as well as his legal and organizational expertise for non-profits in general. He helped in the founding and later became a Director of the Okemo Mountain School for skiing enthusiasts young and old, and George served extensively and well the hospitals, rehabilitation services, and historical preservation efforts throughout this region. 

George enjoyed spending time with the Kurn Hattin children and was often seen on campus in attendance at our various events. Always friendly and gregarious with his ubiquitous smile and mischievous eye twinkle, George was a friend to our children, to the Homes, and to this entire region. 

George came from a family of nine children, and several members were present at the Award ceremony. Accepting the Award on George’s behalf, his next to the youngest brother, Pete, said that Kurn Hattin was at the top of his brother’s interests and an extension of his family. George’s youngest son, George, said that Kurn Hattin was always a part of his father’s life, and an important piece of the community.

Previous Charles Albert Dickinson Award recipients are 2015 John & Carol Hubbard, 2014 The Rite Aid Foundation, and 2013 The National Society of New England Women.

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