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SINCE 1894

Since 1894, Kurn Hattin has helped thousands of children and their families by offering a safe home and quality education in a nurturing environment.

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As a charitable organization, Kurn Hattin Homes depends on private support to fulfill its mission. We are a 501(c)(3) institution, and your gift is tax deductible. Contributions may be given by check, MasterCard, VISA, American Express, or marketable securities and are deeply appreciated. To make an online donation in memory of or in honor of someone, please note the information in the comments box on the donation page. If you would like to inquire about helping to support children in need, please contact Kim Fine.

Kurn Hattin acknowledges and recognizes supporters with the following donor clubs, which are published each year in our Annual Report. Each gift is deeply appreciated.

Westminster Club

$15,000 and up

In the hills of this small, southern Vermont town the steady purpose of caring for young children continues to thrive.

Mattie Harvey Club


Mattie, a neglected young girl from the woods of Maine, inspired Kurn Hattin’s founder to embark on a lifelong path to improve the lives of children and their familes forever.

Reverend Charles Dickinson Club


Native son of Westminster, Vermont and the founder of Kurn Hattin Homes.

W.I. Mayo Club


The Director of Kurn Hattin Homes from 1927-1963.

Eleanor Ward Club


Beloved Staff Member from 1938-1980 (Girls’ Campus Supervisor 1960-1980).

Eliza Sessions Club


Via train, trolley, stage and foot, she visited New England villages asking on behalf of the children. Her work generated legacies and endowments that are a substantial part of Kurn Hattin’s financial structure.

Margaret Duncan Club


Houseparent 1928-1951. “Every one of those boys had a good part in him and that’s what I looked for; that’s what I remember now.”



Each friend’s gift is an important part of the whole. From childhoods remembered, they invest in childhoods being lived.


Up to $99

Dedicated supporters of the Kurn Hattin mission.