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SINCE 1894

Since 1894, Kurn Hattin has helped thousands of children and their families by offering a safe home and quality education in a nurturing environment.

Kurn Hattin Wish List

Support one of the many programs at Kurn Hattin with a cash or in-kind gift. Gifts of $500 or more will be listed in a special recognition category in our Annual Report. Any amount towards the goal amount is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Student Reward Fund

Lunch out with principal – $75 per month
Eight or nine students are chosen each month as exemplary academic and social leaders in their ability groupings. (9 times per year)


Residential Student of the Month Dinner Out Fund

$80 per month
12 months x 9 students/month


Day Student Fund

Clothing for special events, winter gear and school – $80 per month

Christmas Gift/Christmas Party – $750

Day Student work pay (farm, maintenance, summer) – $300

Educational needs (day packs, notebooks, pens, pencils) – $300


Sports Teams End of Season Dinner Out Fund

3 seasons, 5 teams per season


Summer Recreational Activities and Field Trips Fund

$850 each

Summer Camps Scholarships – $3,500/year


Camping Supplies

Sleeping Bags – 10 @ $30 = $300 

Tubes for river floating – 8 @ $20 = $160

Fishing Tackle (various) – $25

Hiking Backpacks – 12 @ $50 = $600

Campfire Toaster – 2 @ $20 = $40

Portapotty – $100

Trailer to transport bikes – $1,200

Travel/tent games – $50


Activities/Recreational Fund

Local/Boston/Theater/Opera/Dance Tickets for student groups – $2,000-$8,000

Disc Golf Course on campus (9 portable units/4 sets of discs) – $2,000

Pool Table in Recreational Room re-felted and new sticks/equipment – $1,200


Renovations Fund

Tennis Courts – Resurface = $15,000 – Rebuild = $55,000

Mathey Building Front Porch Renovation – $10,000-$15,000


Music Program Fund

Field Trips – $1,500 each

Musical Instruments – $2,000/year

Post Graduate Scholarship for Private School Fund

$5,000 per child
This fund helps pay for their tuition.

Equestrian Program Fund

On-going need for funds for general care and to replace the aging herd.

Healthy Children Program

Uninsured Medical Expenses – $20,000

Health Wellness Awards – $100 quarterly

Wellness Center Flourescent light decorative covers (4) – $75 each

Baby Think It Over Program infant strollers with car seats (2) – in-kind

Used baby (newborn) clothing for Baby T.I.O. Program – in-kind

Speech and Language Therapy Fund ($525/student) – $5,250
An hour and a half of Speech and Language services every week

The School Store Fund

To stock inventory Items for purchase by students using Caught Being Good (CBG) coupons given for good behavior: Socks w/designs-all sizes girls & boys, playing cards & Crazy Eight & Go Fish, etc., board games, picture frames, jewelry/bracelets, chalk-sidewalk & blackboard colors, backpacks, disposable cameras, fun calendars, toy key chains, Matchbox Cars, headbands-plastic or elastic, non-pulling hair bands (no metal) & hair pins, big claw hair clips, diaries, batteries-all sizes, snacks-Pringles, stick pretzels, dried fruit, play dough, CD players, action figures, watches, photo albums, school supplies: including gel pens, click pens, notebooks, and school bags, colored markers, crafts and craft projects (beads, knitting, model building), sport socks, small soft sport balls, sports sweat bands-wrist & head, shooting sleeves for basketball, boys cologne and body wash, water bottles.

Family Outreach Fund

Assistance with travel for families to get back & forth to Kurn Hattin – $2,400/year

Grocery gift cards for families in need – $1,000

Family Day Entertainment – $500

Resources to establish post graduate mentoring program – $1,000


Residential Fund

Clothing Fund for homeless and other in-need children – $5,000/year

Brita Water Faucet Filtering System and Filters for 9 Cottages – $60/cottage

Industrial strength griddles, can openers and toasters – in-kind


Farm Fund

Farm/Greenhouse implements and tools – $500-$5,500
i.e. cultivator, roto tiller, cultivating tractor

Auditorium Sound and Lighting Fund

Stage Lighting – $5,000-$10,000

Electronic Devices Fund

Camcorder for documenting student activities – $600

SMART Board for classroom – $3,000 - $4,000 ea.

Additional iPad minis for student learning – $500 each

Computer Tablet for 9 Cottages/Houseparents' use ($300 each) – $2,700

Professional Development (Hosted by Kurn Hattin)

Annual Fall Conference speaker fee – $5,000