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SINCE 1894

Since 1894, Kurn Hattin has helped thousands of children and their families by offering a safe home and quality education in a nurturing environment.

Essential Volunteers Recognized for Generosity and Dedication

Kurn Hattin Homes for Children held its Annual Volunteer Recognition Luncheon on May 10th to honor and thank the many people who devote their personal time and energy to volunteering on and off campus throughout the year. The residential school and home, which serves boys and girls, aged 5-15, has over 110 volunteers who dedicate their time, talent and care for the children. Both Executive Director Steve Harrison and School Principal Sergio Simunovic spoke, and thanked the volunteers for their selflessness. The volunteers help with governance, school and recreational activities, sports, music, and special events. “Every day that I volunteer at Kurn Hattin I get to see a child's eyes light up,” said volunteer Nancy Hamblet, “I can’t imagine a more rewarding place to spend my time.” And, without these hard-working volunteers, Kurn Hattin could not do what it does for these children.

Every year, the Kurn Hattin volunteers are recognized at this special luncheon and music performance in their honor. This year’s honorees are: Marj Adams, Donna Aldrich, Jean Anderson, Daniel Antosiewicz, Jerry and Linda Bardwell, Carol Bazin, Diane Bazin, Lisa Bianconi, Michael Blau, Mark Bodin, John Bohannon, Barbara Brackett, Eileen Brown, Scott R. Bundy, Deborah Burrows, Anita Carlson-Allen, Frances Cheslock, Janet Wilson, Sheriff Keith D. Clark, Elayne Clift, Ginger Cook, Pat Crotty, Darrel & Marion Daley, Jamie Dansereau, Ruth L. DeMone, Shirley Doyle, Tim Eno, Donna Fahner, Deborah Fajans, Amelia Farnum, Michael Fawcett, Bill Fenn, Kim Fine, Reverend Sami McRae, Amy Fletcher, Sonja Fullam, Justin Fuller, Chris Goding, Megan Gray, Terry Gulick, Kathleen Gurney, Christopher Hackett, Nancy Hamblet, Debra Hamel, Father Lance W. Harlow, Maybella Mendle, Martha Harrington, Elizabeth & Mike Henry, Chris & Jean Hodsden, Terry & Marya Holcombe, John  A. Hubbard, Stephanie Huestis, Lyssa Jackson, Carol Johnson, Barbara Joy, Heather Kampfer, Jimmy Keizer, Charles P. Kelsey, Kenneth King, Kay Kloppenburg, Karen Lansberry, Bertha Lawrence, Mark Lightner, Abigail Littlefield, Richard Long, Heather Longe, James A. Lynch, Elizabeth Maiola, Mr. James Malley, Megan Manley, Rick Manson, Bruce Martin, Barbara Matteson, Walter B. Menzel, Kathleen Michel, Richard Miller, Corey Mitchell, Marilyn E. Moore, Jeanne Moore, Dave Morse, Sally Mundell, Rhonda L. Nolan, Philip Perlah, Sue Nostrand, Michael Obuchowski, Virginia Onorato, Darlene Pecor, Elizbaeth Perra Chevalier, Clint Plante, Mrs. Frank J. Prindl, Howard Putnam, Rita Ramirez, John & Laura Reed, Leslie Vander Meulen Richards, Caryl Richardson, Rebekah Rounds, Anita Roy, Martha Ruffle, Karen Rumrill, Carmen Sanderson, Alexandra Scarlett,  William J. Scarlett, IV, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Sinclair, Douglas R. & Christina Smith, Merton J. Snow, Janice Sussebach, Sierra Sylvester-Patterson & Frank Patterson, Polly Thompson, Seamus Tully, Bobbi Violette, Virginia Watson, Doreen Kelton, Westminster Fire & Rescue Association, Sheldon Scott, Jennifer Scott, Joan Willey, Janet Wilson, Greg Worden, Bette Wunderle, and Theresa Zuverino. If you would like more information on volunteer opportunities at Kurn Hattin Homes, please call (802) 721-6924 and speak with Martha Ruffle.

KH17 VolunteerRecognition

Pictured: Volunteers gathered under the photograph of former Director Mr. W. I. “Pete” Mayo at the 2017 Kurn Hattin Homes’ Volunteer Recognition Luncheon. From back left: Darlene Pecor, Marj Adams, Elizabeth Miaola, Judith Putnam, Howard Putnam, Terry Gulick, Anita Roy, Marya Holcombe, Sally Mundell, Marion Daley, Barbara Brackett, and Tony Maiola.  From front left: Alexandra Scarlett, Richard Miller, Bette Wunderle, and Nancy Hamblet.